Yellow Summer Dress, Thơ Hư Vô

You passed by, your shadow spilling across the porch outside.
A flock of tiny magpies exploded toward farther reaches.
Startled, summer tumbled down unhindered all about.
Blossoming in the arbor of your hair were yellow petals.

Sunlight clear and pure seeped through the panels of your gown.
Your dress was so fine and filmy that my heart stammered.
Though it was but a fleeting moment,
I heard summer daintily trip across taut-stringed frets.

When you, hair hanging loose, made your way across,
Rows of trees tipped their hats in a flurry of farewells.
You took the summer with you across the bridge.
I, like a stranger, searched everywhere for my shadow.

Where life has brought you now, the sunshine shimmers.
And you must cover up that bit of faded love.
Sentiments remain for that corner of the street in our hometown.
Yellow for you in the dress and summer, sadness for me in the rain returning…

Translated by James Banerian
Original Title Áo Hạ Vàng


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